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Omens from clothes and shoes

Omens from clothes and shoes

If you wear your clothes inside out, this means that you will find trouble. If you're lost in the woods, you should wear your clothes inside out and you will find your way.

In order for clothes not to wear out, their first use should be done not on a holiday. If you throw an old shoe sole in the oven will bring you luck.

Do not walk with only one shoe on, because someone in the family might die. If you lose a glove, something very unpleasant will happen to you.

If a new dress has a thread that sticks out, it promises a long life. If your going out clothes are pinched in the back door, this means you will return many times in that same place.

If you put one sock inside out, you will be beaten – either directly or figuratively. If you fall asleep without just one sock a person you expect will soon arrive from afar. If you wear a hat in your home, a family member shall be deaf.

Hats should not be put on the table because it foreshadows a scandal in the family. A woman who puts on a little hat would not betray her husband. If a man put on a woman's hat, will begin to have unexplainable fears.

If you play with a hat, and then put it on your head, you will suffer from headaches for a long time. If your skirt falls, someone will curse you.

If you put on your left shoe first, throughout the day you will have luck. You can neutralize this effect by making taking it off immediately and putting the right one on first.

If you wear a sweater back to front, it is a sign that you will soon quarrel with a close friend. If you notice that, re-dress the shirt to wear it correctly.

If you leave boot lying on the floor, it portends quarrels in the family. If you leave your shoes at the front door, you will have to travel farther and longer.