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Did the Semiramis Hanging gardens exist?Did the Semiramis Hanging gardens exist?
07 Jan.
terraces, where the special pumps that bring water from the Euphrates lay. And why are they called hanging gardens? According to ancient scriptures a hanging garden is one, in which plants are high above the earth, and...
Talismans of the Earth signsTalismans of the Earth signs
18 Dec.
Each representative of the sign, which is managed by the element of earth, should know how to choose a mascot - for each a different stone is suitable, depending on his date of birth. People born under a Zodiac sign...
Scientists: the Golden Fleece Really Did ExistScientists: the Golden Fleece Really Did Exist
04 Dec.
quest to find and bring it back to Iolcos. Even today, in West Georgia, there exists a region called the Kingdom of Colchis. Georgian scientists from Tbilisi State University believe that its residents really did...
The Lowest Temperature on Earth Ever RecordedThe Lowest Temperature on Earth Ever Recorded
11 Dec.
A few days ago, scientists measured a new world record for the lowest temperature on Earth. In the coldest place on our planet - the continent of Antarctica, the thermometer showed {-91.2 °C}. This temperature...
Most Fascinating Facts about the EarthMost Fascinating Facts about the Earth
23 Apr.
. - Earth is the only planet in the solar system that is not named after an ancient Roman deity. Its name in the different languages is pronounced differently but still means earth - a symbol of the life it gives...
Scientists Discover Oceans Beneath the EarthScientists Discover Oceans Beneath the Earth
22 June
that this discovery will help them in the studying of the water cycle on Earth and the way in which the tectonic plates shift the water between the surface of the planet and the inner reservoirs. The researchers...
Palmistry - Meaning of the Line of LifePalmistry - Meaning of the Line of Life
22 Oct.
The line of life is the most important and discussed line in palmistry. It is situated from the edge of the palm under the thumb and curves like a rainbow toward the wrist. It is thought that this line reflects the...
A Diamond the Size of the Earth Shines in SpaceA Diamond the Size of the Earth Shines in Space
27 June
end of their life, forming objects the size of the Earth. The first white dwarf was spotted in 1844 by the director of the Koenigsberg Observatory - Friedrich Bessel. In 1862, the Chicago Observatory confirmed the existence of these types of stars....
The Legend of the Most Beautiful Oasis on EarthThe Legend of the Most Beautiful Oasis on Earth
05 June
healing properties and it was even bottled and sold throughout many cities of Latin America. Currently the water level in the lagoon has dropped. To deal with this problem, the locals pump in water from the lake near Ica. Recently, the government took urgent measures to save one of the last remaining oases in the Americas....
Did the Predictions Made a Century Ago About the 2000s Come True?Did the Predictions Made a Century Ago About the 2000s Come True?
12 Dec.
of the boldest prognoses claimed that flies and mosquitoes would all be wiped off the Earth in the early 2000s, while humans would invent intelligent robots that would act as their servants in daily life. In...
Life Through the Eyes of Albert EinsteinLife Through the Eyes of Albert Einstein
08 July
Person of the Century, and 2005 was named to be the World Year of Physics in honor of this remarkable scientist and researcher. Throughout his lifetime, Einstein made tremendous contributions to the world and his words...
Transhumanists Know the Secret to Eternal LifeTranshumanists Know the Secret to Eternal Life
14 July
Since the dawn of time, humans have been trying to free themselves of the limitations that their physical bodies have set upon them - pain, diseases, death. A new movement that's gaining ever wider popularity is now...
The Earth is Hotter, More Flooded and Inhospitable Than Ever!The Earth is Hotter, More Flooded and Inhospitable Than Ever!
04 Dec.
is having on the Earth. The 1st similar type of conference was held in 1997 in Kyoto. Today, 18 years later, it's clear that things have changed drastically and require immediate action. Changes in climate...
Gravity Tractor to protect the Earth from AsteroidsGravity Tractor to protect the Earth from Asteroids
14 Sept.
UK scientists have designed a spacecraft whose purpose is to protect the Earth from invasion by asteroids. The flying machine named Gravity Tractor toured constantly in the air. It will be sent to space at the risk...
Shooting Stars Throughout AugustShooting Stars Throughout August
30 July
/Swift-Tuttle which entered into our solar system about 130 years ago. While orbiting the Sun, at certain times throughout the year, the Earth passes through one of the clouds left over by passing comets. After the...

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