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What Does it Mean if you Have a Lot of Ants in the Home?

What Does it Mean if you Have a Lot of Ants in the Home?

For thousands of years human beings have been gazing at the sky, tracking the movement of the stars, phases of the Moon and behavior of animals in an attempt to discern some type of sign that might provide a hint about the future or prophesy good or bad luck.

Even with the advancements of technology, superstitions continue to be widespread on a global scale and many people still believe that if they find a coin on the street they'll have good luck or if a black cat crosses their path that they'll suffer misfortune.

Superstitions don't overlook the busiest members of the insect family either - ants. There exist numerous superstitions and interpretations about what it means if you have a lot of ants in your home, besides the obvious fact that you might need to clean more often.

Ants, which are capable of driving any man or lady of the house up the wall, are surprisingly not laden with any negative message. Quite the contrary, it is thought that their presence can be seen as a good sign, a portent of wealth and stability. The more ants you have the greater the wealth and happiness you can expect.

On the other hand, if the ants bringing you luck all of a sudden go crazy and start moving their eggs from one place to another, this is a sure sign that meteorological conditions will soon worsen.

In many countries around the world it is believed that killing an ant brings misfortune or may at least cause torrential rains, so crush this insect at your own peril.

In England it is believed that ants are fairies who have reincarnated for the last time; others believe they are the souls of druids who have refused to accept the Bible. No matter what you believe, you shouldn't kill ants because they are a symbol of a blissful family and bearers of good news.



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