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What Does it Mean if You Have a Lot of Ants in the House?

What Does it Mean if You Have a Lot of Ants in the House?

For millennia, people have gazed into the sky, watching the movements of the stars, the phases of the moon and the behavior of animals, in an attempt to find there some sign, that would tell them the future or foretell good or bad luck.

Despite the development of technique and technology, superstitions continue to be spread worldwide and many people still believe that if a cuckoo crows with an empty pocket, they will be rich for the whole year, or if a black cat crosses their path, they will be unlucky.

Superstitions do not escape even the most hardworking representatives of the insect family - ants. There are many superstitions and interpretations of what exactly having a lot of ants in your home means, apart from the obvious fact that you should clean more often.

Ants, which are able to drive any housewife into hysterics, are surprisingly not loaded with a negative message. On the contrary, it is believed that their presence can be seen as a good sign, an omen of wealth and security. The more ants you have, the greater wealth and happiness awaits you.

On the other hand, if the ants, which are apparently bringing you good luck, suddenly go crazy and start moving their eggs to one place or another, then this is a sure sign that worsening weather conditions are expected.

In many countries around the world, killing an ant is believed to bring bad luck or at the very least cause heavy rain, so kill the insect at your own risk.

In England, ants are believed to be fairies who have reincarnated for the last time and others believe, that they are the souls of Druids who refused to accept the Bible. Regardless of which of the two beliefs you believe more, you should not kill ants, because they are a symbol of a blessed family and bearers of good news.



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