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What Do Moles on the Arms and Legs Symbolize?

What Do Moles on the Arms and Legs Symbolize?

Moles are those mysterious signs of fate that every person has. They bear a particular kind of symbolism, depending on where they are located on the body. Some people call them a sign of God, while others believe the exact opposite - they consider them a mark of the Devil. But what is the symbolism of moles found on the arms and legs? Do they bring good luck or not?

Moles on the arms are a sure sign that the person is incredibly sensitive and vulnerable. For a person with moles on their arms, love is the most important thing for them and they are capable of doing anything for it. They find it extremely difficult to get over a lie or betrayal. Persons with moles on their arms have the life's role of bringing harmony and happiness to others.

They may have their negative moments but ultimately everything ends well for these individuals - with lots of love and a wonderful family. A mole on the wrist may mean that the person possesses many natural gifts which bring them success and luck.

Moles on the legs indicate a very happy person, who is filled with optimism. These types of folks change the direction of their life quite frequently but despite it all, they are well-meaning and don't give up on their goals. Once they feel comfortable they may stop seeking something more and finally settle down in one spot.

A mole at the lower part of the foot means that the person has absolutely all the right opportunities to become popular. If you have a mole there, do not hesitate to try making it to the top in the fields of art, politics, show business or even sports. A mole on the ankle is a symbol of a hardworking personality and positive energy.



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