What do Green Eyes Symbolize?

What do Green Eyes Symbolize?
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Green-colored eyes are the rarest in the world. It is estimated that green-eyed people comprise barely 2% of the Earth's population. But what exactly is the symbolism of this uncommon eye color?

Firstly, persons with green eyes attract others around them like a magnet. Green eyes have the ability to attract and even hypnotize... these types of folks are usually quite crafty. People with green eyes have been describe as calculating, clever and way too conceited.

People who have green eyes are insolent, are gifted with natural talent and a sharp mind. It's common for them to become leaders - at their job, as well as in their personal life. They love to compete but often fall into extremes and are capable of crushing everything in their way to reach their goals.

They are incapable of compromise and dislike devoting themselves fully to their partner in their personal relations. The latter is perhaps due to the fact that even though they yearn for true love, they find it difficult to find the right partner.

Green-eyed people adhere to their principles strictly and would therefore never be satisfied with a relationship in which they aren't fulfilled. This could very well be the source of the idea that they are arrogant but this is far from the truth. They simply defend their positions and know their worth. But when they do find their partner, they are loyal and devoted to the fullest.


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