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What is the Meaning of Moles According to Feng Shui?

What is the Meaning of Moles According to Feng Shui?

According to the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, moles on the body are a lot more than a surplus of pigment on the skin, they can provide valuable information about the future, character and health of a person. According to Chinese astrologers, moles are a mark of stress or other events that the person has lived through.

If the moles are located under the person's eyebrows, this is a sign of wealth. If they are on the eyelids, according to Feng Shui, this is a sign of an absence of harmony in the family and a tendency towards wasting money. Moles under the eyes speak of a very emotional person.

Moles in the center of the forehead indicate that the person cannot communicate well with people who have a certain amount of power. A mole on the side of the forehead bespeaks of strong energy. According to Feng Shui, moles on the cheeks mean loneliness and the inability to create a family. If the mole is near the lips, this may be a warning of accidents in the future.

A mole on the tip of the nose indicates problems in relationships and instability. Moles on the side of the nose symbolize a penny-wise person, who knows how to manage his money. A mole on the chin is a sign of a decisive and tenacious person but may also mean the need for a change in their life or a journey. A mole on the ears is a sign of good reputation and a charismatic nature. A mole on the inner part of the ear indicates long life, while a mole on the tip of the ear denotes intelligence.

A mole on the neck obstructs the flow of energy between the head and body and leads to disappointments. A mole in the middle of the neck means a wild type of character. A mole near the belly button indicates happiness. The belly is an extremely important part of Chinese astrology, which is why moles in that area are a good sign. A mole anywhere between the elbow and shoulder means that that person can make money easily. A mole on the back is a sign and that the person is carrying a heavy burden or works way too much in pursuit of their successes.

Moles on a woman's breasts bespeak of a caring mother. A mole on the thigh signifies an extrovertive and bold person, while a mole on the knees means the person is lucky and will easily earn money. Great leaders have moles on their feet, while a mole on the butt is a sign of generosity and a revered reputation.



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