What Does a Mole on the Penis Mean?

What Does a Mole on the Penis Mean?
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Moles are not stigmata, they are generally a sign of happiness. According to many, these spots, which can be seen all over the human body, are actually signs of past lives. Moles are karmic markings, a sort of brand from the past, which we carry with us into our new reincarnation.

According to scientists, there are no 2 people on Earth whose moles are arranged the exact same way, even in identical twins these dark spots are located in different areas.

But what could a dark spot on such an intimate place symbolize? As you might imagine, a mole on the penis says a lot about that person. It hints that the individual is incredibly sensual, sexually active and that they have no inhibitions when it comes to sex.

A marking in the form of a mole on the penis means that the person with it is exceptionally passionate by nature. Moles at the base of the penis are an indication that besides passionate, the person is also extremely loyal - having once found their kindred spirit in sex they won't be tempted to look for another.

On the other hand, moles on the shaft or head of the penis signify that this passionate lover cannot be easily satisfied or be faithful to just one woman.

The clearer and better expressed a mole is, the more well expressed the described characteristics are.

Of course, you must be especially careful with moles, not just on the sex organs, but all over the body. Keep an eye on them and at the slightest change in color, form or size, seek a competent medical diagnosis.


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