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What do Moles on the Different Fingers Mean?

What do Moles on the Different Fingers Mean?

It is believed that the Ancient Greeks were the first to try to interpret the meaning of moles on the human body. They would look at where they were located exactly, their color, size and form - these were of crucial importance for their correct interpretation.

From ancient times till today, it is believed that moles on the hands, fingers and wrists are a sure sign that that person is highly sensitive. For them, love comes first and they are ready and willing to do anything for the one they love.

Moles on the fingers reveal that those individuals are extraordinarily loyal and true. So rest assured that persons with moles on their fingers would never forgive treachery or a lie.

If the moles are found only on the fingers of the left hand, this indicates that the person will enjoy wealth and good health, although it also means that they will sometimes have a tendency to overexaggerate and make a mountain out of a molehill.

When the majority of the moles are on the right hand, this is a sign that that person is exceptionally mannerly and well-meaning; you can trust them without regretting it later.

Moles on the index finger bespeak of a certain frivolity and lack of discipline, as well as hyperactivity. Moles in this region can be an indicator of liver problems or digestive problems.

If you have a mole on the middle finger, it means you are among the most responsible people out there. You often make spontaneous decisions which can at times lead to trouble. A mole there is an indicator of cardiovascular problems and nervous system problems.

A mole on the ring finger is a sign that the individual is never vain but it may also mean low self confidence, as well as warn of heart problems.

People who have moles on the pinky are slaves to their own vanity, feel a sense of superiority over others and don't even attempt to hide it.

Moles on the thumb hint at indolence and a lack of energy and enthusiasm for anything, as well as constant problems with friends and relatives.



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