Does a Mole on the Lips Mean Anything?

Does a Mole on the Lips Mean Anything?

According to some proponents of the supernatural and esotericism, moles are not mere skin formations of melanocytic origin, but rather karmic markings which reveal parts of our character and are also scars from our past lives.

The meaning of moles depending on their size, form, proficiency of color and location, is studied in the field of moleoscopy. Contrary to the belief held by numerous skin doctors, others believe that people with moles are actually lucky. The larger the moles, the happier they are.

It is thought that moles on the lips symbolize passion and frivolity to a certain extent. According to many, a mole on the lips is a clear sign of an incredibly passionate nature, with a superbly expressed sexuality and one who tends to get mixed up with all the wrong partners.

Moles on the upper lip signify sensuality and openness, a joyous and easy-going character and to a certain degree - greed. A mole or moles on the lower lip reveal the individual's impulses toward melodrama, a strong emotionality and slight unpredictability, which may come to the fore at any given moment.

Regardless of the claims put forth by experts in moleoscopy, if you notice a change in the size, shape or color of any mole on your body, you should seek medical advice, a consultation with a skin doctor.


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