Which Gemstones are Suitable for Virgo?

Which Gemstones are Suitable for Virgo?
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People born under the zodiac sign of Virgo may give the impression of being calm and prudent but the truth is that passions rage in their soul, burning them up from within. This brings them tremendous inner tension and acts devastatingly on their nervous system.

Virgos born during the 1st 10-day period are practical and cautious, don't have a tendency for adventures and therefore often miss good opportunities. They have a well-developed sense of duty, of personal dignity and responsibility.

Suitable precious stones for them are ones with yellow and golden tones, as well as spotted stones such as jasper, heliotrope and yellow agate, which enhance vital tone and purposefulness. Their inner tension will disappear with aid from yellow sapphire and golden topaz.

Representatives of the sign of Virgo born during the 2nd 10-day period are manly, beautiful and artistic. They are born leaders, restrained and self-confident. They carry with them the missionary spirit and the intent to mentor, making them downright annoying.

An eye type of stone is recommended for them - especially tiger's eye, which boosts the ability to concentrate, as well as common sense. Red jasper and emerald are also recommended.

Virgos born during the final 10-day period possess a flexible and optimistic character which allows them to remain young for a long time. They know what they want in life and grab handfuls of it at a time. They have growing interests in the fields of biology, biochemistry and medicine. When it comes to love they are sexually liberated and devoted, loyal to the grave.

Appropriate for them are so-called attenuating gemstones - emerald, golden topaz and yellow sapphire. Pearls, malachite, chrysolite and chrysoprase.


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