What Do Birthmarks Mean?

What Do Birthmarks Mean?
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Many people have birthmarks. In some they are clearly visible from their very birth, while in others they show up later in life. Birthmarks differ from one another in shape, size, color and location.

And while some see them as nothing more than a cosmetic flaw, for others they are proof of their past life.

People who believe in rebirth (reincarnation) believe that birthmarks are actually markings from a past life, just like moles.

The uneven colored spots on your skin are a legacy from the life you lead just prior to this one. They are evidence of the life you've had, the places you've been, the people you've hurt or have been hurt by, as well as what caused your death.

It is said that birthmarks in the neck area indicate the person possesses magic powers. In the past, people who had lighter spots in the areas of the neck and upper back were persecuted and burned at the stake, being accused of witchcraft.

Other cultures have different beliefs. One goes that birthmarks form when an expectant mother, frightened by something, accidentally touches a part of her body. The baby is then born with a birthmark whose shape resembles that of the object, person or thing that frightened the mother.

But regardless if you believe that birthmarks are marks from a past life or evidence of a scary experience, it's always a good idea to check with a doctor to make sure they are harmless, and not some kind of aggressive malignant skin formation.


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