What are People Born on Saturday Like?

What are People Born on Saturday Like?
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People born on Saturday are strong, with a fighting spirit, because throughout their entire lives they have to deal with life's challenges. Their life is filled with limitations and obstacles which cultivate in them a strong character and self-confidence.

The challenges they face in life are unable to destroy their optimism and the joy they experience out of life. They manage to look philosophically at the little nuisances and never complain about the troubles.

Characteristic of everyone born on Saturday is the robust fighting spirit they carry, as well as the restrained emotionality that's expressed at a later stage in their life. Sometimes the adversities transform the individuals born on Saturday into restrained and bitter egotists, although such cases are rare as a rule.

Employers are lucky when they get employees born on a Saturday because they are exceptionally hardworking, efficient, as well as perfectionists at their workplace. They are not interested in working hard, dangerous or unattractive jobs that others avoid.

Among those born on the 1st day of the weekend you'll find a whole lot of lawyers, judges and lawmakers, which is no surprise really. In general, they are very conservative, they follow traditions and laws and find it hard to accept new things.


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