Why Shouldn't I Ever Kill a Praying Mantis?

Why Shouldn't I Ever Kill a Praying Mantis?
Image: mysteries24.com

Praying mantises are scary-looking insects common throughout the world - South Europe, Asia, Africa, as well as Australia. Several decades ago, praying mantises accidentally ended up on the American continent and have since been spreading and thriving there, while doing a good job of it too.

The outer appearance of the praying mantis, as well as its exceptionally strange and horrifying love life are just 2 reasons why we're so fascinated with this insect. With their large, elongated bodies, triangular eyes and front legs, locked as if in prayer, praying mantises provoke our attention, disgust and spark our imagination.

There are a series of superstitions related to praying mantises, among which is the one stating that we must never kill a praying mantis under any circumstance.

This belief is particularly widespread in Italy, as well as some parts of Africa, where it is thought that praying mantises must never be touched, for they possess magical powers.

Another reason why you must never kill a praying mantis is because they play a very specific role. In fact, the fierce battles in the world of insects have an important function - to protect the garden from pest insects such as flies, ants and even frogs.


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