Does a Mole on the Nose Symbolize Anything?

Does a Mole on the Nose Symbolize Anything?

According to many, moles are our karmic markings from past lives. Moles located on various parts of the body reveal not only some of the jealously guarded character traits of the person but also show what type of person they were in a former life.

Moles on the nose are some of the best telltale signs because, after all, they are located on the most obvious part of the face. But what do they say about the person who shows them off proudly?

A mole on the tip of the nose symbolizes that the person is exceptionally passionate and sexual by nature and knows no bounds. Contrary to the prevailing symbolism, they are not curious and don't like to stick their nose in other people's business.

A person with a mole on the nose is ill-fated to get mixed up in love triangles, which they manage to get out of thanks to their charm and magnetism.

People with moles on the side of the nose are devoted travelers, they love nature, wild areas and animals. They adapt exceptionally well and find it difficult to settle down and live in one spot.


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