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The Magical Properties of the Hand Fan that Every Woman has to KnowThe Magical Properties of the Hand Fan that Every Woman has to Know
01 Dec.
But the fan is much more than a fashion accessory - according to Feng Shui it possesses magical properties which few are aware of, those being the abilities to ward off evil spirits and attract positive energy....
Why a genius and madness go hand in handWhy a genius and madness go hand in hand
01 Feb.
Creators and those mostly brilliant among them often suffer from mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Scientists say it is due to the substance, dopamine. The brain reacts differently to dopamine, which functions very...
Palmistry - Structure of the HandPalmistry - Structure of the Hand
28 Oct.
The artistic-elementary hand - this is a slightly better version than the basic elementary hand....
Trees with Magical PropertiesTrees with Magical Properties
06 Oct.
Trees have been loyal friends to mankind ever since the world came to be. Their crowns provide thick shade when the weather is hot but this is not the limit to their unique qualities. Even our forefathers knew that these...
Quartz - Meaning and PropertiesQuartz - Meaning and Properties
28 Nov.
Quartz is known for its magic properties, that healers and seers have been using since antiquity. Quartz with inlaid gold is a very potent talisman....
Magic Properties of RingsMagic Properties of Rings
11 Nov.
People who believe in the magical properties of rings do not wear a lot of them. The interesting thing is that magicians where 1, or at most 2 rings....
Onyx - Meaning and PropertiesOnyx - Meaning and Properties
18 Sept.
As a whole, onyx possesses numerous beneficial properties, can even help with a health issue and increases appetite. As far back as ancient times, onyx was thought to have magical properties....
Aquamarine - Meaning and PropertiesAquamarine - Meaning and Properties
17 Sept.
If it then changes hands and becomes someone else's, the stone will carry with it all of the emotions of its previous owner and transfer them to the new one....
What the Most Common Hand Gestures MeanWhat the Most Common Hand Gestures Mean
23 Feb.
Hands in one's pockets reveal an unwillingness to act and laziness....
Properties of the Bloodstone HeliotropeProperties of the Bloodstone Heliotrope
07 Nov.
This type of jasper is believed to possess magical properties allowing it to control the weather, stop lightning and answer the call for rain....
The magical properties of goldThe magical properties of gold
30 Nov.
This ring is suitable for active people who fight for their interests, it will only reinforce those properties of theirs....
The healing properties of gemstonesThe healing properties of gemstones
24 June
Aquamarine - banishes fears, protects the nervous system, as well as kidneys, thyroid, bronchi and helps you to tolerate heat more. Alexandrite - strengthens blood vessels, pancreas and gallbladder, regulates blood clotting...
Meaning and Properties of ZirconMeaning and Properties of Zircon
17 Apr.
The different colors also possess different healing and magical properties: - Colorless zircon - cleanses the aura and is worn for protection....
Meaning and Properties of AlexandriteMeaning and Properties of Alexandrite
26 Mar.
On the other hand the crystal form balances the emotions and inspires confidence....
The Mystical Properties of FluoriteThe Mystical Properties of Fluorite
19 July
It has numerous properties but among its most characteristic is its ability to improve overall health, to strengthen the skeletal and muscle systems and last but not least - to cleanse the aura....

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