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The healing properties of gemstones

The healing properties of gemstones

Aquamarine - banishes fears, protects the nervous system, as well as kidneys, thyroid, bronchi and helps you to tolerate heat more.

Alexandrite - strengthens blood vessels, pancreas and gallbladder, regulates blood clotting.

Diamond - Makes a person tougher, protects from bad influences, safeguards the stomach, liver, nerves and gets rid of insomnia and depression .

Amethyst - soothes nerves, supports immunity, gets rid of gout, headaches lowers your attraction to alcohol.

Turquoise - this stone is considered an indicator of health - if you take a sick man, the stone changes to look more pale. It is the stone of happiness, because it fulfills the wishes of its master, but only if he is good. Particularly strong influence can be witnessed on diseases of the eyes, heart, thyroid, liver and lungs.

Garnet - increases hemoglobin, tones, strengthens the immune system, reduces fever, relieves inflammation of the throat and bronchi, increases sexual energy.

Pearls - introduces harmony in your mental and physical state, promotes longevity and improves the color of the person, cools the body.

Emerald - protects pregnant women and newborns - the stone is attached around the baby's crib. The stone improves vision, memory and drives away bad dreams . To remove fatigue off your eyes, it is enough to put a stone on your eyelids.

Ruby - a very powerful energy stone, but only helps honest people. Improves self confidence, protects against perpetrators of bad moods, helping with depression, anemia, heart disease, liver, kidneys and stomach. The stone requires attention. To become your friend, the gem stone must be gently stroked.

Amber - protects the eyes, ears, throat, nose, skin inflammation, reduces headaches, protects from the effects of magnetic storms, has beneficial effects on the thyroid gland.

Jasper - strengthens memory, drives away depression, protects the heart, blood vessels, liver, removes inflammation of the prostate and helps with gynecological disorders and infertility.