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Magic Rituals for Rejuvenation and Beautification

Pretty Face

There's hardly a woman out there who doesn't dream of eternal youth. After all, it is the more vibrant, fresh and beautiful ladies who are more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Despite the uncountable modern-day treatments and tricks for a more youthful appearance, this subject has interested women throughout the ages. To wipe away the traces of time, as well as preserve their sexual energy, they would perform certain rituals. We'd like to share some of these here with you today.

One of the old beliefs calls for washing oneself with March snow, which was considered a ritual for rejuvenation. To perform it, it is best that you get up early, go outside the city and gather a little bit of clean and fluffy snow with your hands, then quickly rub your face with it, while at the same time saying these words aloud: Snow, wash my face and keep me young and clean outside and in!


Another ritual is the apple ritual, which was said to not only beautify and make a woman more youthful but also make her healthier and more fertile. For it, you have to eat an apple every night for a period of 12 nights during a waxing moon, while repeating these words: I am as young, beautiful and healthy as this apple.

The crucial element here is for the woman to imagine the appearance she's aiming for while saying these words.

There's another beautification ritual that's a bit more contemporary. For it you have to find a photo of yourself that you like, where you're about 25 years old.

The important thing is for you to have felt happy at the time when the photo was taken - as such it will bear a strong positive charge. Place the photo under your pillow and sleep with it overnight. Then return it to your photo album but place it such that no one else can see it.