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Does Ancestral Magic and Curse Exist?

Does Ancestral Magic and Curse Exist?

The most terrible and dangerous black magic is the ancestral curse. There is no heavier punishment, not only for the individual, but also for their entire family. This spell is the hardest to break.

The curse is divided into three types: Direct, magical and ancestral.

The direct is a consequence of someone's hatred of a certain person. This way they inflict harm and sends out negative energy without even controlling the action.

A magic curse is black magic, which is done by witches.

The family curse is much stronger than spells, all it takes is one person to have it for generations to come.

When there is a curse placed on the whole family, if it is not removed in time, know that it will be passed down from generation to generation. It can reach people who didn't even know their ancestor to whom the curse was directed at.

This dangerous spell can only be removed by prayers, which are sincere, pure and from the heart.

There are also several tricks by which a person can protect themselves from the black ancestral curse. According to many magicians, the family curse is so terrible and such a dangerous evil, that it is much better to apply a preventive procedure to keep the dangerous curse away than to look for methods to remove it.

First of all, seek the help of a bioenergy therapist. It is precisely their task to encode luck, health and energy in your home. This way, any potential evil will flee far away.

Another method is to make bans on any curses and negative energy, which will stop the movement of bad forces towards you and your family. This way you will protect yourself from any kind of bad energy that can harm you or others.

Most often, ancestral curse spells are made by bad people, in some cases even by sorcerers, who direct their bad energy in a direction that will only cause harm and misfortune. They send spirits, which cause worry, fear and anxiety, into the house of the person who is appointed. Know that an irreplaceable helper of any curse is water, because it has a memory and it is through it that the evil curse is transferred into the home of the unsuspecting family.