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Methods for Getting Rid of Curses

Red thread

Curses are nothing new, you may have even felt like you were under one at some point. In essence it means that someone with an evil eye or very negative energy has directed their negative influence toward you. They may have been envious of you about something. Curses aren't always deliberate. Another person could make you a compliment or bring you joy but still curse you without knowing it. This is very characteristic of little children.

The symptoms that give away that they've become victims of curses can be expressed in sudden headaches, strong fatigue, dizziness, stomach problems and even a temperature - basically indisposition of the body in every form. If any of these occur suddenly without any reason it means you've met someone with negative energy. In such a case you have to take measures immediately and cure yourself right away.

Here are several of the most well-known methods that our ancestors and now we use when we feel cursed.

Wash your face with water


Clean water helps with everything. So if you feel indisposed, first wash your face with water. Then move on to some of the following rituals.

Fill a container with water - a cup or bowl for example. Prepare 3 matches that you'll be lighting one after the other. Once burning, draw a cross in the air with each of them, then drop them in the water. If any of the matches cross it means you were cursed. Wash your forehead and cheeks with that water, as well as all of the door handles at home, including the front door, then pour out the water in the toilet.

Methods for removing curses

Negative energy

When it comes to curses, holy water helps as well. It's always good to have some at home. Sprinkle some in all of the rooms of your home, on yourself and everyone at home.

If you've often been cursed, it's good to carry red thread or a blue eye-shaped nazar, which are known to protect against negative energy.

Among the most ancient customs for lifting curses is the chanting ritual with water and an egg. It's often done by an elderly lady in the family, usually the grandmother. Pour clean water in a container, let her start to chant the words for removing negative energy while she hits the egg on the rim of the container with water, making a cross with it. If bubbles form it means the person was cursed. Have the cursed individual wash their hands and face, then pour it out into the toilet.

Never underestimate curses, they can make you feel exceptionally ill. Keep these rituals in mind and always have red thread on hand to ward off the evil eye.