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Easy Love Magic with a Key! To Make him Yours Forever

Key Magic

The key played an important role for the Etruscans and ancient Egyptians. They used it as an amulet, believing that it would bring them wealth and help them keep everything they had earned.

Today, even though keys are seen primarily as an everyday object and a given, there are still those who believe in its magical properties. Further, according to some occultists, the key doesn't need to be special in any way to play the role of an amulet bringing happiness, good health and love.

One of the most famous spells in the occult world is a love spell, which is performed using a key. It is exceptionally simple and can be done right at home. For it, you're going to need a key and thread; keep in mind that the color of the thread should be chosen depending on your specific love desires.

Love Magic

If your goal is romantic relations with a given person, then choose a pink thread. To restore the passion in an already existing relationship, you need to obtain scarlet-colored thread. If you'd like your partner to be faithful to you to the grave, pick a blue thread. If you have several wishes at once, you can even combine the colors.

After you've chosen your thread, string it through your key. Then blow through the key's hole 3 times and focus on your wishes. Say your wish aloud 3 times. Next, hide the key with thread somewhere where no one will be able to find it.

Love Elixir

Besides rituals with an actual key, you can wear key-shaped jewelry to bring you luck. If you wear a decorative silver key around your neck, you're going to have successes in your studies, any work that requires thinking, business. Similarly, a key made of gold will grant you confidence and help you realize dreams you've never dared pursue.

A key ring placed above the front door will protect the inhabitants of the home from ill-wishers and provide understanding and harmony within the family.