Magic Herbs for Love

Magic Herbs for Love

Many people believe in the magical power of plants. They are said to have special magical powers that can help in various aspects of life.

Since you're reading this article, you must really be interested in what the herbs of love are? How can we attract love or preserve affection and understanding through them?


The rose has been considered the queen of love magic since ancient times. It is believed that with its help one can attract new love, maintain harmony in a relationship, increase sexuality and cure sexual dysfunctions.

White yarrow

Love Herbs

Yarrow is the herb of newlyweds. It is believed that it binds in a happy marriage, brings well-being and cohesion in the family, health of children. According to European beliefs, a bouquet of yarrow is placed above the bed of the married couple and is kept there for 7 years, after which it is replaced. White yarrow gives courage and protection - important factors for a loving couple.


Lavender was a favorite of the French priestesses of love. They sprinkled the beds with it to induce desire in men. It really affects erotic feelings very effectively and at the same time soothes and encourages tenderness.


Magic Herbs for Love

Elecampane has long been used in love magic in Europe. While its root is used for medicinal purposes, the flower and leaves were used for love potions. According to one belief, if at sunrise on the day of the summer solstice you pluck a leaf of elecampane, dry it and mix it with fresh frankincense, crush it and carry it on your body in a small bag and then secretly sew it on the clothes of your beloved, then love is guaranteed.


Mugwort is believed to bring bitter melancholy to a loved one - they used it in potions, put it in talismans. Mugwort is known for its stimulating properties. Its aroma affects both sexes.


Magic Herbs for Love

Vervain is a much used love herb – in potions and talismans. Its action is considered to be magical - it finds and keeps love. At the same time, if you wear it at home, it protects you from love magic.


Lovage is a long-used love herb. Its root is added to talismans, to dishes for a romantic dinner, the leaves are used in desire-inducing baths.


Magic Herbs for Love

Nutmeg is a known aphrodisiac. It is added to pipes and hookahs, to talismans, in dishes. It is also considered a symbol of fidelity. There is a well-known fidelity ritual: divide a walnut into four, bury one part in the ground, burn the second, throw the third from a high cliff and drop the fourth into boiling water and after it cools down, take a sip, take the nut and put it under the the pillow. That way your loved one will be faithful to you.


Ginger is a talisman for men. Its consumption increases male attractiveness and strength. It is also recommended to keep a piece of ginger under the bed and carry it in the pocket. It is believed that it not only gives male strength, but also protects against bad energies and evil eyes.


Magic Herbs for Love

It is believed that the tree protects the family and revives the relationship. In autumn, a rowan branch is placed in water - it is believed that this improves the atmosphere in the family and brings new love to the lonely. In winter, you can prepare a decoction of the fruit along with petals and birch buds and use it to wash the floor.


Apples have been used in many magical love rituals. It is believed that if you carve your initials into an apple and give it to someone else to eat, they will fall in love with you. They say that if you peel a long piece of apple skin and throw it over your left shoulder, when you turn around, you will see that it has formed the first letter of your lover. The aroma of blossoming apple trees is believed to cure love's sorrow and pave the way for new love. Apple blossom is put in baths, aromatic bags, tinctures.


Chamomile is a herb for love

Chamomile is considered the herb of peace and understanding, repels conflicts and attracts love.


Dill helps single people find love and for lovers to avoid conflicts. For the well-being of the home, a dill bunch is hung above the front door.


If you have an argument with your partner, it is recommended to put the herb in your partner's bed and clothes. It is believed that feelings will rekindle very soon.

Do the herbs really work, or is it all in our hands? I'll leave that answer up to you..