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Spooky! The Cursed Items That Foment Disaster

Little Bastard

If you think about it you'll realize that absolutely every item or object around us has its history. Some of these histories aren't nearly so exciting but others are so remarkable that they turn the given item into a genuine treasure.

Certain expensive pieces of jewelry, paintings, clothes, accessories, souvenirs are famed for bringing good luck and success. With others, the situation is quite the opposite - for centuries these cursed relics have brought bad luck, disease, sorrow, destruction and even death to their owners.

One of these valuables shrouded in mystery is the Koh-i-Noor diamond. According to legends it possesses an aura of malaise around it, causing misfortune to any man who takes possession of it. This theory has been reaffirmed by the fates of Persian and Indian nobles who once held it. Today the impressive diamond shines atop the crown of British queen Elizabeth II.

But what are the other possessions notorious for their sinister effects? Find out below.

1. The Car Little Bastard

For many years it has been said that an ominous curse hung over the automobile that led to the fatal car accident of actor James Dean. After him, numerous other individuals have had accidents with the car.

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2. The Mermaids Painting

The work is by Russian artist Ivan Kramskoi. He was familiar with the dark legend, according to which maidens that had drowned in the sea would transform into sirens. Remaining skeptical toward this belief, he painted a canvas depicting mermaids. Once the painting came into the hands of its first owners, strange, inexplicable phenomena began occurring in their home, followed by misfortune. This tendency continued with its next owners as well.

3. The Ötzi Mummy

It is said that the oldest mummy ever found is cursed and that any researcher who tries to study it is met with ill-luck.

4. The Mirror at Myrtles Plantation

The plantation is famed for being a place inhabited by ghosts. But a specific mirror in the plantation house is claimed to steal people's souls.


5. The Phone Number with Eights

This is an urban legend from Bulgaria, according to which a phone number containing mostly 8s has brought misfortune to each and every one of its owners. The claim goes that the phone was even blocked by the mobile operator at one point to prevent its use.

6. Tutankhamun's Tomb

After its discovery in the 1st half of the 20th century, the scientists taking part in its analysis began going through hell. Ten of them even died. Some mystics claim that their demise is linked to the curse that hangs over the site. Others say that their deaths were caused by toxic substances that had formed in the tomb.