How to Make Moon Water?

How to make moon water?

If you're into astrology, you probably already have Full Moon Rituals. You can cast a spell on the full moon, use the power of the full moon to achieve what you want - the full moon is a time when magic is felt more strongly.

But what if you could encapsulate that feeling and experience it all month long? It turns out that it is possible.

What is moon water?

Moon water – water infused with the light of the full moon – can be a great tool when you want to shine as your brightest, biggest and boldest self. Here's how you can make moon water and use it throughout the month.

How to make moon water?

Moon water

For this you need:

- A glass vessel;

- Water (bottled water if you plan to drink it);

- Intention.

On the night of the full moon put the water outside. Yes, it's that simple. But as with all rituals, intention is everything. If you're doing a full moon ritual, think of a way to activate the water. You can also think of water as a symbolic way of "washing away" past actions and worries to make way for the new.

Until the next morning, the jar of water can be used for magical purposes reinforcing intentions.

Using Moon Water

To cleanse crystals

Yes, crystals can get dirty. Full Moon Water can help cleanse non-porous crystals of negative energy, foreign energy, or simply help you feel the crystal as more your own. Rinse them in a small bowl of moon water or simply run the moon water over your crystals to refresh them.


If you're casting any spells, moon water can be a great ingredient to add to them. This water is great for unlocking new possibilities, aligning with your intuition and connecting with your subconscious. If the spell calls for salt water, moon water is the ideal water to mix with salt.

Drinking moon water

Why not replace the water with one that has lunar powers? It's good to have a sip or two - this magical drink will give you courage. Some people put moon water in a spray bottle to spray on their face, pillow or some of their belongings just before using them.

Altar item

Full moon water

If you have a magical altar somewhere in your home, the Moon Water Jar can be a great addition to it. The power embodied in water is an extremely useful thing to have close by while casting spells, reading a tarot card, exercising your intuition, or performing other activities that may require a little more insight into it.

No matter what you want to use it for!

If you have a full moon water jar, you know that it's not how you use it that matters, but the intention behind it. Use it in a way that speaks to you, excites you and makes you feel connected to your innate power.

Of course, moon water is only as effective as you make it. But in modern life, it can be difficult to truly capture the beauty, power and vastness of a full moon. Making moon water can remind you of the wild beauty and unknown around you. This can help you synchronize with the inner world and achieve peace of mind.