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How to Protect Yourself From Spells and Curses?

How to Protect Yourself From Spells and Curses?

Many folk practices and ways to protect against magic have been forgotten during the years of scientific materialism and it is necessary to recall again what was once common knowledge. Nowadays, only the elderly remember this knowledge, while pseudo-wizards and fortune-tellers actively take advantage of it. Beginning with the words, “Yes, um yes, I see that an evil man has cursed you! I can help you and remove the spell if you give me a lock of hair … I will learn everything from it … Give me some money.” - you fall into a vortex of invented techniques and rituals that do not help you at all. However, the question remains whether they harm you.

In any case, such an encounter with a not so honest and qualified witch doctor can befall you too. This happens even on the street. Therefore, beware and avoid such contacts. If you still can't get out, be careful not to fall under hypnosis. Keep your hands in your pockets and don't let them touch you. Do not look directly into the eyes, but somewhere between the eyebrows.

In no case should you start a conversation, although sometimes it helps to mention your own grandmother-witch. If you still did not manage to get rid of them, it is necessary to get rid of the negative consequences after such a meeting.

As soon as you get home, wash the clothes you were wearing with cool water. Take as many cold showers as you can bear and place all jewelry and ornaments worn that day in a bowl of cold water for several hours. Do the same with any personal items that have been touched by the lying fortune teller. In the case of photographs or other objects, that cannot and should not get wet, place them for a few days facing the back of a mirror or behind an icon. Finally, get rid of all the trinkets in your pockets, being careful not to touch them with your bare hands.

You can protect yourself from curses

Here are some other forgotten techniques for warding off curses and spells.

1. Wash the floor only when everyone is at home, otherwise you may "wash the tracks" of your housemates.

2. Do not put the knives and forks with the sharp part up, because you will attract evil.

3. Never place the bread upside down - it is similar to a death wish.

4. If you drop a knife, fork or spoon from the table, knock three times with the handle on the table (without speaking). This way you will protect yourself from unwanted guests.

5. When you cut your hair, nails, or your tooth falls out, do not throw them away, or they may be used to work magic on you. Throwing them out the window can attract a disease. To burn them (there are two opinions here) - according to the teacher Peter Deunov it is recommended and according to other sources it leads to illness.

6. Do not give out your photos to anyone, do not leave them easily accessible for everyone and be careful when you give your documents with a photo - through them, any influence can be exerted on you. The same applies to dates special to you and especially birthdays, favorite personal items, names and nicknames. Be especially careful with watches that have been owned for a long time (even non-working ones), as a special relationship is established between them and their owner. It is so strong, that there are numerous recorded cases of working clocks stopping after the death of their owner.

7. If you run out of salt at home - you will face poverty.

8. Never leave a ring, fastened necklaces, tied knots on a deceased person - this leads to the appearance of ghosts.

9. If you have to go back after going somewhere, greet yourself out loud in the mirror (if no one else is around).

10. If a black cat crosses your path, it's a warning. It's not the cat itself that's causing you trouble, it's just warning you.

11. If you see a woman with an empty bucket - your job is going downhill.

12. If you find money, spend it quickly and keep in mind that "where it came from, it goes there".

13. Do not give or accept a gift without a symbolic "ransom" handkerchief and gloves (for parting), watch (for sorrow), sharp objects (lead to quarrels and scandals with consequences).

14. If strange things happen in your home or something just worries you, take a good look at all doors, windows, frames for studs, fibers, threads, balls and other small objects. If you find something, throw it away, then do a basic cleaning in your home. In many cases, this is the "first aid" you need.

Well, it's not all of the old grandmother's superstitions, but remember that even if they don't make sense, at least they don't hurt.

More tips on warding off spells and curses

1. Strengthen your spiritual shield

Strengthen your chakras to ward off spells

Believe it or not, you should regularly protect yourself against curses and spells. Many years ago practitioners of black magic were isolated in small communities in Haiti, Africa and Louisiana. Today, black magic is at a global level. Anyone who envies your success, can hire a black magic practitioner on the internet.

If your spiritual shield is not strengthened, you are vulnerable to Negative Energy and black magic attacks. It obliges you to consistently cleanse your environment, your mind, your aura and your chakras. Keep the environment at home and at work clean. Also, regularly cleanse your home with lit sage and frankincense. Ventilate the home at least 3 times a day. Purify the air with Eucalyptus Oil and Tea Tree Oil. Let the sun into your home by pulling back the curtains. In clean, orderly and sunny homes it is harder to contain bad energy and spells. Clear your mind with meditation.

2. Use sea salt

Salt is an earth mineral that has long been hailed for its ability to cleanse and filter. Salt is used in the pickling and canning process. But above all, salt is used to protect against magic. Many old paintings show people making a loop of salt around themselves for protection against black magic and curses. While this is an undeniably powerful tool, it's simply not functional unless you plan to spend all day sitting in the salt circle. The great news is that the salt doesn't need to be in a round ring to give you the magic protection you need. You can sprinkle sea salt around the entire border of your home and it will have the same effect. Every time you are at home, you will know that you are protected from curses. You can use the benefits of salt in your workplace as well. Place a small bowl of rock salt on your desk. The crystal will increase the protective radius of the salt. You can even carry a tiny box of salt in your pocket or bag to protect you from black magic.

3. Have positive thoughts

Learn how thoughts work. With every thought you have, you attract certain things. When you think negatively, you attract bad events and are more vulnerable to spells. What you need to do is focus on the good things that are happening. The more you learn about how the law of attraction works, the more successful you will be in stopping black magic.

4. Make yourself an amulet

An amulet is an ornament or item that defensively repels negative energy and black magic. Amulets against magic can be small enough to be worn as jewelry or hidden in your pocket. Amulets can also be part of the interior of your home or office. As long as you have an amulet in your possession, it repels black magic spirits, vampires and anyone who thinks evil of you. Some amulets to consider are religious ornaments, religious images, precious stones, or small bags of magical herbs.

5. Have fun

Although magic is no laughing matter, experts in the field advise that the best remedy against magic is a good mood. When we have fun and laugh, we do enjoy good health. When we are healthy, in a good mood and happy, we automatically build a strong shield against spells and curses.

6. Throw magical items into flowing water

If you fear that magic has been done to you with certain objects, do not keep them at home anymore. Grab them with gloves and throw them as quickly as possible into running water such as a river. This way you will protect yourself from magic.