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What do Blue Eyes Symbolize?What do Blue Eyes Symbolize?
20 Oct.
But what is the actual symbolism of blue eyes? Quite often, blue-eyed people are described as cold and deprived of any emotionality and sensitivity. This is not true in the least....
What color hair goes with green eyesWhat color hair goes with green eyes
07 Oct.
Dark brown, or even black hair highlight tones in emerald green eyes. The darker colored strands illuminate the dark green crystal elements in green eyes that make them stand out like emerald jewelry....
What Do Deceased People in Our Dreams Symbolize?What Do Deceased People in Our Dreams Symbolize?
12 Dec.
Nearly everyone has dreamed of a deceased loved one but recurring dreams containing this image beckon of built-up guilt or pain that your subconscious has not overcome. Recurring dreams of a deceased loved one might...
Facts about people with green eyesFacts about people with green eyes
25 Feb.
Check out some of the characteristics of people who have green eyes. Green-eyed people are rare, but they do attract others like a magnet....
What Do the Different Zodiac Signs in our Dreams Symbolize?What Do the Different Zodiac Signs in our Dreams Symbolize?
04 Dec.
Virgo - Virgos in a dream symbolize caution, order and perfectionism....
Green Color Symbolism and MeaningGreen Color Symbolism and Meaning
08 Dec.
Its not accidental that the traffic light turns green when you can go - green symbolizes the ability to move and grow. The more sparkling shades carry the same symbolism - they are rather tense and confused though....
What Does a Ladybug Symbolize?What Does a Ladybug Symbolize?
28 Nov.
They symbolize goodness and human happiness. Their bright red color is very beautiful and pleasing to the eye. In European tradition, the ladybug is associated with the Mother of God....
What Does the Red Rose Symbolize?What Does the Red Rose Symbolize?
23 Dec.
Besides love, the color red symbolizes a burning passion. All in all - a rose is for all those who love. A fiery red ignites the hearts of lovers, while a cardinal red symbolizes desire....
What Do Moles on the Face Symbolize?What Do Moles on the Face Symbolize?
20 Oct.
Moles on the face may provide a person with a certain charm but they also have a specific meaning. So, for example, a mole located near their left eye signifies that that person's mission is to give orders because that is...
What is the man with black eyes likeWhat is the man with black eyes like
07 Oct.
The eyes are often regarded as a "window to the soul" and an important part of our personality, individuality and character. Our facial and other body functions together with eye color have some role related to our attitudes...
What do Dreams about School Signify?What do Dreams about School Signify?
30 June
School is a commonly seen element in the dreams of most students, since they spend so much time in the academic environment. But for adults for whom that type of setting is no longer relevant, there is a different explanation...
What do Blind People Dream of?What do Blind People Dream of?
02 June
Among the greatest mysteries related to dreams is the question of what blind people dream of. How does the brain of an individual who can't see build up their environment? Neurosurgeons from the University of Copenhagen...
What Magical Properties Do Colors Possess?What Magical Properties Do Colors Possess?
13 Mar.
Green The color green will help you regain something you've given up or lost in the past. It will make you calmer, wiser, more energetic....
What abilities do our fingers revealWhat abilities do our fingers reveal
27 Mar.
For some of the capabilities of man, one can be judged by the length of his fingers. To predict the future of everyone, a palmist is needed. It suffices to look at your hands. The difference in the length of the index...
What Do Moles on the Arms and Legs Symbolize?What Do Moles on the Arms and Legs Symbolize?
20 Oct.
But what is the symbolism of moles found on the arms and legs? Do they bring good luck or not? Moles on the arms are a sure sign that the person is incredibly sensitive and vulnerable....
What is Buddhism and What do Buddhists Believe in?What is Buddhism and What do Buddhists Believe in?
09 Jan.
Buddhism is a religion that is becoming more and more popular all over the world. The curious thing about this religion is that, unlike the others, there is no worship and belief in any God. While most people think that...
What Ailments Do Different Gemstones Help with?What Ailments Do Different Gemstones Help with?
07 Feb.
Gemstones are a beautiful piece of jewelry that would undoubtedly impress any woman. However, they should not be seen only as spectacular ornaments, but also as valuable healers. It has long been no secret to mankind that...
Do you Know What Death Smells Like?Do you Know What Death Smells Like?
14 Oct.
compounds include butyl pentanoate (the smell of raspberries), hexanoate (the smell of pineapple and blackberries), 2-methylbutane (the smell of cherries and apples) and 3-methylbutyl pentanoate (the smell of green...
What do Men and Women Dream of?What do Men and Women Dream of?
17 Sept.
German scientists have determined the difference between the dreams of men and women. Studies were carried out from 1956 to 2000, with the participation of several thousand people. Based on the results, German men most...
I have been cursed, what to do?I have been cursed, what to do?
20 Aug.
If you think you are cursed, you can remove it with certain rituals and actions. You just have to follow strictly the order of the actions of the ritual. The order of actions is as follows: the time for the termination...
What can we do with conscious dreams?What can we do with conscious dreams?
19 May
Flying As you probably already guessed, flying is a very popular activity in conscious dreaming. Since dreams are realized as real, you can imagine how you would feel if you really did fly through the clouds, how the wind...
What do your nails say about you?What do your nails say about you?
14 Sept.
The form of your nails can suggest how you can prevent trouble and problems or which you get involved in. If you have a sharp wedge shaped nail, it suggest that you are too sensitive. To manage your emotions more effectively...
What Does the Mustache Symbolize?What Does the Mustache Symbolize?
06 Nov.
In the Arab world, mustaches symbolize personal merit. There exists the practice of shaving the mustache of an opponent, so as to dishonor them....
What do our Random Scribbles Reveal About us?What do our Random Scribbles Reveal About us?
18 Feb.
Everyone has, at one time or another, hastily scribbled something while having a phone conversation or sitting at an event. Most of the time, these doodles end up in the trashcan later because we don't see them as anything...
What do Dreams on New Year's Eve Mean?What do Dreams on New Year's Eve Mean?
31 Dec.
Water can also symbolize an excellent year at the workplace. If you're drinking water or washing your feet in your dream you won't have any problems whatsoever professionally....