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What Does a Ladybug Symbolize?


Ladybugs are among the most beloved insects. They symbolize goodness and human happiness. Their bright red color is very beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

In European tradition, the ladybug is associated with the Mother of God. The red and color represents the red cloak of the Virgin Mary and the seven and dots, black in color, are signs of the seven joys and seven sorrows of the virgin.

The association of the ladybug with the holy mother of God is not an unusual phenomenon. The different names in many countries literally associate her with the Virgin Mary or God.

Perhaps the most popular meaning of the ladybug is as a symbol of luck. When it lands on a person, they must say their wish and it will come true.

Asian traditions say that if you catch and then release a ladybug, it will fly towards your true love, find it and whisper your name in that person's ear. After listening to its message, they will find you.

In Ireland, the ladybug is a symbol of protection.

The various names of the insect among the Indo-European people are very ancient and make a connection with the god-thunderbolt, with the sun and with the sky, the place where the gods live. The ancient Indian name of the ladybug translates as guarded by Indra. It relates to an ancient motif of the thunder god's cows, their theft by the evil god and the ensuing war to get them back. In another version, it is about the woman of God, her abduction, the subsequent return and testing by fire of her seven children. Only the seventh was saved, because it was the true child of God.

In other countries, when every little girl catches a ladybug, asks the question, where will she get married. It is believed that wherever it flies, there will be the girl's future home.

If you dream of a ladybug crawling on your arm and clothes, you will soon receive good news. A ladybug in a dream can also mean a trip on a joyful occasion and for single people - you will soon meet your partner.