What Does the Red Rose Symbolize?

Plamena M.Plamena M.

For centuries, flowers have borne their own particular symbolism. It has changed many times but several main messages have remained. The language of flowers and their use to express feelings and emotions were most popular during the Victorian Era, when they had so-called "flower flirts" - by sending messages using different types of flowers.

Roses are among the flowers suitable for just about any occasion. The rose is the perfect flower with which a person can express the feelings they're experiencing. When you are given a bouquet of roses, it carries a specific message, determined by how many and what color the roses are in it. Each color expresses different feelings.

Every single rose color represents a certain symbolism. The most popular are red roses, a symbol of eternal and inseparable love, respect and dedication.

When you give or receive red roses, this gesture inevitably bears the message I love you. Through them we say more than we ever could with mere words. If you give a red rose to a person whom you don't have such feelings for, this can be interpreted quite incorrectly.

It also matters whether the rose given has fully bloomed or whether it is still unblossomed. People tend to choose flowers that have not bloomed completely, with the intention for them to remain fresh longer. But these also have their meaning. The bud of a red rose indicates strong feelings which actually need to be kept secret. It is also seen as a symbol of a love still in its infancy.

Red Rose

If the flowers of the rose have blossomed, this means I still love you.

Besides love, the color red symbolizes a burning passion. All in all - a rose is for all those who love. A fiery red ignites the hearts of lovers, while a cardinal red symbolizes desire. A dark red rose can be perceived as a sign of mourning.

According to traditions, the number of red roses is also of significance. If the relationship is becoming more serious and you wish to tell your partner that you're experiencing love, give them 3 red roses. A sign of adoration is a bouquet of 33 red roses, and you can ask for forgiveness with a bouquet of 15 roses.