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What Do the Different Zodiac Signs in our Dreams Symbolize?

Antonia R.Antonia R.

The majority of people have dreams where a loved one or someone they know is present. To correctly interpret a dream, we have to take into consideration the zodiac sign of the person we dream of, in order to best understand the message.

Aries - when you dream of a representative of the sign of Aries it means you'll get ahead in a given field. The Aries in your dream is showing you how to be a leader, how to be bolder and where to find the enthusiasm and passion you need. A dream with a person that's an Aries will clearly show you how to solve your emotional problems.

Taurus - a representative of the sign of Taurus in your dream is showing you the areas in which you're being stubborn, as well as those problems that require more perseverance and willpower. The Taureans you dream of, no matter if they're close to you or you barely know them, indicate that you'll need more patience in the future, and that you'll have to be more persistent to make your dreams come true.


Gemini - a representative of Gemini signalizes the quick thinking you'll need in the near future. That future may present you with a situation to which you'll have to adapt quickly. Count on the information you receive from others in order to succeed.

Cancer - if you dream of a representative of the sign of Cancer, it means you'll manage to keep what you already have. Huge changes aren't expected to come soon but you may have fallen under the influence of a person with power. Cancers in a dream are also a symbol of the fact that you now feel ready to be a parent.

Leo - you have the need to be the center of attention if you're dreaming of someone that's a sign of Leo. The person in the dream is, on the one hand, showing you that it's time to be more generous and rely on your creativity. On the other hand, Leos come to your dream to tell you that you'll soon fall in love.

Virgo - Virgos in a dream symbolize caution, order and perfectionism. Dreaming of a representative of Virgo signifies that you need to pay greater attention to the details at work because you might be making simple little mistakes. You need to be more rational and not give too much freedom to your feelings.

Libra - a representative of the sign of Libra in a dream symbolizes harmony and justice. From a Libra you can learn how to cooperate with other people around you, as well as mending the relations you're not paying enough attention to in real life.

Scorpio - if you dream of a person that's a Scorpio, it's a sign that you need to control yourself more in real life and never reveal your intentions in front of others in any way. A serious change is coming - for good or bad, that will completely turn your life upside down. If the Scorpio in your dream is of the opposite sex, it means that that person sexually attracts you.


Sagittarius - a representative of the sign of Sagittarius in a dream indicates that it's time to get into a more optimistic mindset and have fun with whatever's happening to you. The dream is a message that it's time to get away from the routine and bring something new to your life.

Capricorn - Capricorns in a dream signify that you are way too afraid of competing with others, yet the time has come for you to be more ambitious and defend your position if you'd like things to go your way.

Aquarius - a representative of the sign of Aquarius depicts individuality. Such a dream is trying to tell you that you must only follow your own ideas in order to move forward. You need to spend more time with friends and coworkers in order to load yourself with inspiration.

Pisces - a person of the sign of Pisces in a dream illustrates that you need to follow your own intuition in order to achieve your goals. You might have to make a few sacrifices to get what you desire but in the end it'll all be worth it.