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What Do Moles on the Face Symbolize?

What Do Moles on the Face Symbolize?

Moles on the face may provide a person with a certain charm but they also have a specific meaning. So, for example, a mole located near their left eye signifies that that person's mission is to give orders because that is the only way they would be able to achieve success. A mole near the right eye indicates that they can expect a nice, peaceful life, without too much hassle.

A mole around the lips or chin is a sign that the person will be living the best part of their life after they're over the age of 40 - they will also find love at a later stage in life. The good thing about these sorts of folks is that they won't be living in poverty. A mole near the lips can also be interpreted as a guarantee for a happy life.

A mole on the forehead, nose or cheeks is a sign that their fate depends on their actions during their childhood and teen years. The decisions they make during those years, and the way their character forms, will be key for their life later on. These types of persons are smart and wise, possessing a superb memory. A mole on the right cheek bespeaks of a temperamental person, who explodes easily if angered.

Moles between the eyebrows are a symbol of remarkable intuition and intellect. Individuals with moles between their eyebrows are notable and an example to everyone else. A mole near the ear means that the person has a very complex and indecipherable character but at the same time possesses a cosmopolitan way of thinking.

If you have moles on many parts of the face, it indicates that you are among the types of people who are truly lucky. Expect a dynamic life, loaded with happiness, friends and loved ones.



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