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What do Blue Eyes Symbolize?

What do Blue Eyes Symbolize?

The eyes are not simply a window to the soul - their color can tell us a lot about the character, positive and negative traits of a given person. Blue eyes are rare but are exceptionally beautiful at the same time. But what is the actual symbolism of blue eyes?

Quite often, blue-eyed people are described as cold and deprived of any emotionality and sensitivity. This is not true in the least. Many of them are especially vulnerable and sensitive but simply do not wish to make a federal case out of their problems. They change their mood easily but also have a rich imagination.

People with blue eyes have a lighter outlook on the events happening around them, which is why others label them as being more scatterbrained. But this never gets in the way of their successes. Blue-eyed people have a highly developed type of strategic thinking which helps them in their communication with others. They have an open and forthright character, with a superb sense of humor. They often display acts of kindness to others.

Blue-eyed people are hardworking and persistent, they rarely give up on achieving their goal. They're constantly dreaming of their one true love. They are sentimental but don't often dig too deep in their own feelings.

Very often, blue-eyed people are remarkably handsome, which also wins them many admirers from the opposite sex. They are always surrounded by crowds of people because they love loud and joyful gatherings.



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