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Mysterious Forest Creature Scares AmericansMysterious Forest Creature Scares Americans
08 Sept.
Signs of a mysterious 6.5 ft (2 m) tall creature were recently uncovered by an American man in the state of Mississippi. The incident sparked the curiosity of fans of paranormal phenomena and made locals' hair stand on...
Ghostly Balloon Scares the Living Daylights out of Doctors and Patients in HospitalGhostly Balloon Scares the Living Daylights out of Doctors and Patients in Hospital
24 Nov.
A balloon, floating all by itself along a hospital hallway in Argentina, has scared the living daylights out of patients and medical personnel....
Moles are scars from a previous lifeMoles are scars from a previous life
24 Mar.
Some moles are old scars from branding made in the previous lives of the people. Moles that look like human faces, make their owner have the feeling that someone is constantly watching him....
Internet Access is Ever More Limited on a Global ScaleInternet Access is Ever More Limited on a Global Scale
03 Dec.
A new study indicates that governments continue to keep tightening the noose on internet freedom. This trend is seen in all countries. The study reveals a decline in the freedom to get internet access for the 5th year...
The meanings of birthmarksThe meanings of birthmarks
17 Sept.
Scars tell stories. They are what is left of the mistakes we made. They are what reminds us of places we've been and people we know. They also tell us that we can deal with what challenges lie before us....
Unique Walking Trees in Ecuador are Being Chopped Down MassivelyUnique Walking Trees in Ecuador are Being Chopped Down Massively
17 May
The animals threw dry branches, fruits and even their own feces at the team to try to scare them off....
Fears that haunt usFears that haunt us
20 Mar.
Compulsive Obsessive personality - Such a man is scared of change. They try to protect themselves from everything. He is afraid of love and women alike....
Here's How Fear Can Kill youHere's How Fear Can Kill you
26 Oct.
Fear can be fatal You can literally be scared to death. When we get scared, the body has need of extra strength. To obtain it, calcium is injected into the heart cells and the heart begins to beat faster....
The Epic Battles That Ended Entire EmpiresThe Epic Battles That Ended Entire Empires
24 Mar.
He handed out whistles to his light infantry, which they blew and thereby scared the elephants in the army of the great general Hannibal....
Ghosts appear in the White HouseGhosts appear in the White House
03 Mar.
The next morning, however, he wished to leave the White House, because he was scared by the ghost of the 16th U.S. president, who visited him that night....
Talismans by Star SignTalismans by Star Sign
07 Jan.
A silver pendant in the shape of scales, or any pretty little thing that pleases the eye would be a suitable talisman for Libra....
After loss of consciousness girl can speak 120 languagesAfter loss of consciousness girl can speak 120 languages
26 Apr.
Natasha become so scared that she collapsed. The nurse was called, but by this time Natasha has already recovered and began to speak an unknown language, which terrified everyone....
Dinosaur Myths you Probably BelieveDinosaur Myths you Probably Believe
07 July
Dinosaurs weren't doomed from the beginning Dinosaurs thrived on a global scale....
Which is the Bravest Zodiac Sign of All?Which is the Bravest Zodiac Sign of All?
12 May
Aries can be very vicious opponents and entering into a confrontation does not scare them in any way....
Phobias related to naturePhobias related to nature
30 Nov.
Limnophobia - not necessarily scared of the surface of the water, but rather the incredible horror of what may be hidden in the depths....