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Is it dangerous to remember past lives

Is it dangerous to remember past lives

With the help of hypnosis, you can remember your previous lives. But this can be very damaging to your psyche. Not surprisingly, the memories of your previous lives are hidden from us.

So we can start fresh, avoid old mistakes, see the world from another perspective. If you want to remember your previous lives, this can only happen with the help of an experienced professional, to avoid getting hurt.

However, even without hypnosis, everyone remembers past lives. This involves our inexplicable fears, or an interest in a particular culture.

If you have an inexplicable fear of water or heights, it is possible that in a previous life you have died in a related incident or high water. And if you have an inexplicable affinity for the culture and cuisine of certain countries, it may also be a part of your past.

Some people have an inexplicable attraction to jumping high. In hypnosis or meditation can be seen that in the past they were paratroopers or working at a height.

Sometimes the memories that previous incarnations will unlock may be really unpleasant, and even devastating to the psyche. They are able to affect the mental state of a person.

Very rarely does hypnosis and the return to a previous incarnation help a person get rid of some unexplainable fears. Following the release from hypnosis, you simply aren’t afraid of heights, sharp objects and other things that you once were scared of.

The experienced hypnotist will ensure that you will not remember anything after you leave the hypnosis. If you're curious about the details, he will ask questions while hypnotized, and record your answers on a dictaphone.

Memories of your past life can be gotten by seeing a clairvoyant who is aware of what you were in your previous lives.

Whether it is a true clairvoyant or a charlatan, you may find out for yourself, after having to listen to what they say about your past and your present life.