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Dreams About Deceased Loved Ones

Nina NordNina Nord
Dreams about the dead

In your dream, you may be visited by your deceased relatives. Often such dreams are a great comfort to people, since in them you can get back in touch with the people you loved.

Some people get scared when dreaming about deceased loved ones, since they think it is a bad sign. Some even go so far as to think that this way the deceased are warning them that their time will soon strike. This often leads to nervous conditions.

It is believed that deceased loved ones try to contact us through dreams in which they appear to us. Therefore, you should never worry if you dream of a deceased loved one.

They appear in your dream to support you, to make you feel more confident in your own strength. If your loved one is trying to tell you something in your dream, it is a message related to the future. With the help of this information, you can avoid an unpleasant event.

If the deceased appears to you in a form that frightens you, it is simply a reflection of your own fear of death, which you must overcome with the help of this dream.

And if you see your loved ones in your dream that you are running away from, it means that you feel some sort of regret, that you did not pay enough attention to them when they were alive. It continues to haunt you. Therefore, it is good to light a candle for the soul of your deceased loved one.


If you see in your dream your loved one doing something that they have never done in their life, this is a warning that you need to change the plans you have made. Otherwise, you will fail.

If you dream about your deceased loved ones celebrating, this is a sign of success that you will achieve soon thanks to efforts that your loved ones made during their lifetime.

If your loved ones are upset or quarreling in your dream, it means that you are facing difficulties caused by your own frivolity.

When you dream of your deceased loved ones being younger than they were in the last years when you had contact with them, this is a very good sign. This means that great success is ahead of you.