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Mysterious Forest Creature Scares Americans


Signs of a mysterious 6.5 ft (2 m) tall creature were recently uncovered by an American man in the state of Mississippi. The incident sparked the curiosity of fans of paranormal phenomena and made locals' hair stand on end, inform the media.

It all began at the beginning of August this year. One sunny afternoon, Peyton Lassiter noticed something unusual. His attention was caught by the tracks of a strange creature, which surely did not belong to any human or forest beast. Around the footprints, the man also noticed several gray-white hairs.

"I was working near a playground by the forest. Suddenly I noticed unusual footprints, which really impressed me, " tells Peyton.

He decided to measure the footprints and found that they were 9″ (23 cm) long and 6″ (15 cm) wide.

"There's no way the hairs I found to belong to a bear, since they do not in any way resemble bear hair. Based on the casts I made, you can notice specific lines, resembling fingerprint-like impressions that primates and humans have, " Peyton further explains.

Yeti footprints

Peyton was so excited by his amazing discovery that he decided to share it with his friend David Childers. The man hoped he would receive adequate advice from Childers, since he is a member of the local paranormal investigation team Delta Paranormal Project and has more knowledge in this field. After talking to his friend however, Peyton ended up even more shocked, since the expert told him that he had seen a mysterious creature in the very same forest.

"I was exceptionally excited when I saw the footprints from the mysterious creature that I came upon by chance among the trees 9 months ago. I was at an abandoned playground, where I had heard unexplainable voices. Suddenly my attention was caught by a strange noise. The shrubs shook and from them emerged a 6.5 ft (2 m) tall humanoid creature with a gray coat. I became spooked and remained as if frozen. The creature saw me as well and stopped for a moment, after which it bolted off toward the forest, " shares Childers.