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Phobias related to nature

Jana G.Jana G.

There are many people who suffer from phobias related to nature. One of these is limnophobia - fear of reservoirs.

Limnophobia - not necessarily scared of the surface of the water, but rather the incredible horror of what may be hidden in the depths. This term is most often used to describe the fear of the dark waters, like swamps and lakes.

Hylophobia - a panicky fear of forests. Short walk among an ancient forest can be a test of nerves, because a person with such a phobia constantly imagines bloodthirsty animals or serial killers harbored behind every tree. Pathological fear of burning, which is especially strong at night is called pyrophobia.

Agrizoophobia - fear of wild animals. Many people suffering from this phobia, do not visit the zoo, have no pets and fear even watching shows with animals. These people may experience fear even from a small and harmless creature.

Heliophobia - fear of sunlight. People who suffer from this unreasonable fear of sunlight, often behave very strangely. The windows in their home are permanently darkened, they wear clothes that cover their whole body and even in extreme cases, may refuse to take to the streets.

Aeroacrophobia - fear of open high places. Like the fear of heights, people suffering from aeroakrophobia begin to sweat and tremble at the sight of the panoramic views of hills and rocks.

This excessive fear of open high places and dizziness that accompanies, can make a man off balance and he can move only in valleys and lowland areas. People with this phobia never fly and fear even photos taken from above.

Ancraophobia - fear of wind. Ancraophobics hide at the first hint of a gust of wind and dodge objects that remind them of the wind like a kite or noise from the sea or ocean waves.