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A Boy from India Astounds with his Unusual Hands

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Since his very birth, little Kalem shocked doctors with the size of his hands, weighing 17.5 lb (8 kg) each. Currently, the 8-year-old boy's hands weigh 35.5 lb (16 kg) each.

The disproportion of his hands, which weigh more than his head, interfere with the boy's ability to carry out even the most normal tasks. That's why he has constant need of his mother's help.

Doctors admit that they don't know how to help the little boy. Plus, they can't explain the cause of this body anomaly.

Kalem's hands measure 13″ (33 cm) from the end of his palm to the tip of his middle finger. Because of his disability, the boy is often the focus of teasing by children and adults in India.

The 8-year-old boy does not go to school because the teachers refuse to work with him because of his bodily anomaly.

"I don't go to school because the teacher says that the other children are scared of my hands. Many of them often bullied me, wanted to beat me up, attacked me, " tells the boy in front of media.

Kalem told Mirror that he dreams of parting with his huge hands and being like everyone else his age.

His parents earn a total of $50 a month, but even so they are trying to find a good expert to help their child. Little Kalem isn't afraid of hiding that he is afraid of shots and operations, but is ready to gather the courage if these will help him.

So far however, attempts to find a suitable doctor have been futile.

"As far as I know this is an extremely rare condition. I have not seen cases, in medical journals or the internet, where only the hands have grown to such a large size. Until we conduct genetic tests, we won't be able to tell what caused this rare deformity, " - this is the official statement of one of the doctors in India.

It is most likely that the child suffers from lymphangioma - a benign tumor formed during fetal development or caused by hamartoma - another type of benign malformation in tissues. Both disorders are treatable.



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05.11.2015 20:01
well get the ball rolling already two diagnosis was prognosis lymphangioma a benign tumor formed during fetal development or caused by hamartoma. So attack the lymphangioma with the most direct treatment or scant the pituitary gland for tumor to find out any abnormal release of hormone growth.