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Fears that haunt us

Fears that haunt us

Everyone is afraid of something. Some hide their fears deep, but it affects their behavior and their worldview. Everyone is faced with four types of fear in life.

One fear is losing your own identity, loss of self. Some people are afraid to look like others, and to mingle with the crowd.

Another fear is the fear of loneliness, our lack of acceptance in society, that we are outsiders. Then people feel not only lonely, but also isolated and defenseless.

Fear of death is one of the strongest. Only the human, unlike other creatures, knows he is mortal. This causes fear, and is often transformed into a fear of change.

Fear of what we can not change. We know that we are limited in our actions, because we have established norms and rules that do not allow us to act spontaneously.

If a person has harmoniously developed personality, he overcomes those fears. But if any of the fears is not eliminated completely, four personality types can occur.

Schizoid type is someone who feels fears being dependent. He strives for autonomy and self-sufficiency. He does not want help from anyone not want to be obligated to anyone. This person keeps people at a distance, without allowing anyone to cross the border created by him. He has developed intelligence, but there are problems with expressing feelings. This personality type is formed during the first months of life, when you need care and emotional communication with your mother. The lack of this leads to fear of the world and develops coldness towards everyone.

Depressive personality is a person who experiences fear of loneliness and isolation. For them, it is important to love and be loved, to have a fiduciary relationship with someone. The person is dependent on the views of others. When you reconcile with someone, you are scared you will lose. Priority will be entirely on the other person and the sufferer does everything others want. This personality type is formed by a long period of dependency on the mother. The child should be given autonomy and independence, The mother should not isolate it from the outside world.

Compulsive Obsessive personality - Such a man is scared of change. They try to protect themselves from everything. He is afraid of love and women alike. This personality type is formed in age from two to four years when the child is faced with restrictions and rules. Excessive control causes mental disorder in children.

Hysterical personality - a person who is scared of the need of limitation of freedom. He hates rules and procedures. He tries to run away from responsibility, loves the holidays, wants to be in the spotlight. This personality type is formed at the age of four to six years when the child masters new behavioral patterns. If there are no rules, the child develops hysterical tendencies.