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The Identity of Jack the Ripper Has Been Revealed

Serial killers

The identity of the legendary mysterious killer of the 19th century, Jack the Ripper, has now been revealed. The man who committed a series of horrendous crimes in the United Kingdom is the Polish immigrant Aaron Kosminski, claims Russell Edwards, who has been investigating the case for quite a long time.

After 120 years, the mystery has finally been solved thanks to DNA testing of a scarf, worn by one of the victims of Jack the Ripper. There are traces of blood and the killer's semen on the item. Russell Edwards, amateur detective, acquired the scarf 7 years ago at an auction.

During his investigation, he worked with an expert in molecular biology and innovative equipment for DNA testing. That is how the detective found that the perpetrator of the terrifying crimes was one of the 6 suspects - Aaron Kosminski.

Kosminski arrived in England in 1881, when he was 23 years old. He started work as a barber. The murderer's 2 brothers and sister also lived in England. They lived near the home of 3rd found victim, Elizabeth Stride, who was killed on the same night that Catherine Eddowes was mutilated.

The young man was suspected by police back in 1888, but they were unable to find proof to hold against him. He died in 1919, after being put in an insane asylum, where he got gangrene on his leg.

Serial killers

"Jack the Ripper" was the nickname given to the serial killer with a mysterious identity. He attacked his victims in the slums of England. There are more than 100 different theories about the identity of the merciless criminal. He killed middle-aged prostitutes, cutting their throats and removing their insides.

The number of ladies who fell by his hand has not been fully determined but the names of 5 slaughtered women remain in history. These are Maria Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Jane Kelly. The scarf that Russell Edwards examined belonged to Catherine Eddowes.

Detective Russell Edwards is categorical that he has finally solved the mystery. He even intends to come out with a book describing his 14 years of investigation.