How to Develop Your Intuition

Jana G.Jana G.
How to Develop Your Intuition

Many people think that they have no intuition, but this is not the case. Everyone has intuition, but not everyone has it developed enough. Intuition is our inner voice.

It helps us make the right decision, avoid dangers, find answers to questions, know how to act in a given situation.

It is not a gift that is only for the chosen ones, but a collection of insight, sense and analytical abilities. You can develop this and have a strong intuition.

When meeting a new person, remember the first impression they made on you. When you get to know them closely, you will know if your feeling about them was correct.

Fight stereotypes. People often do not pay attention to their inner voice, mostly because they are used to thinking clichés. When considering a decision, look at the issue from all sides.

Sometimes the most unlikely solution is the best. When your phone rings, wait one second before looking at the display and try to guess who is calling you.

Think of situations in your life that you knew would turn out from the start. Try to remember what made you think it would.

Learn to analyze your feelings. When you go on a date with a friend, try to guess how they will be dressed and what they will be holding in their hands.

When you have an opinion about someone without knowing them, think about how you do it. Why do you label one person as a loser, another as an adventurer and another as a good person?

Listen to your feelings. When you feel anxiety, fear or tension, try to understand what they are related to. Perhaps your intuition wants to protect you from unforeseen actions.

Developing Intuition

Some people are born with innately strong intuition. In others, it improves with experience and age. Even if you still can't hear your inner voice clearly, you can improve your skills by following a few steps to developing your intuition.

1. Listen to your body

Intuition is the sum of information that comes from the accumulated experiences you have lived. Sometimes your body sends you messages that are worth decoding. It could be health problems that you're not aware of, but also signals that you wouldn't otherwise notice. Strive to understand what your body is telling you.

2. Stay in the present and trust yourself

If you stay in the past or worry about the future, you will confuse the communication channels you have with your intuition. You cannot change the past or control the future. What you can do instead is control your actions, reactions, current perceptions.

Living now not only makes you feel good emotionally, but also has a positive impact on your mental health. You can make any goal a reality if you believe in yourself. You just have to make that choice, believe in your strengths instead of being overwhelmed by worries and doubts.

3. Learn to notice your premonitions

If you sense that something is wrong, chances to develop your intuition are high. What is right for one person is not necessarily right for you.

How many times have you had a feeling, a premonition that prompted you to do a certain thing for no apparent reason?

Your intuition is your inner guide, so learn to trust it.

4. Keep a diary


When you have a journal in which you record your wise thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings, you can be aware of some aspects that you have not noticed before. Journaling is a great way to find messages, information to solve a problem.

5. Ask yourself questions

Questions are one of the most effective ways to improve your intuition. Ask yourself questions like:

Which job offer should I choose?

Should I join this project?

How do I feel when I think about.....? etc.

By answering yourself, everything will seem clearer and more obvious and a better understanding of the dilemma can give you the right answer.

On the other hand, you can ask people, who know more than you, some questions. Engage in complex discussions with people from different fields.

By asking complex questions and also receiving complex answers, you increase the horizon of your knowledge. You will strengthen your intuition in key situations.

6. Refuse to judge others

We are often used to judging others and this means negative energy, that blocks our intuition.

I don't like X, they're unbearable!

I would never do such a thing, etc.

We are also used to judging ourselves:

I don't think I'll be able to pass the test.

I will never be able to do that.

Alex can do better than me.

When you hear your inner voice saying such things, it's good to counter with some positive questions and boost your self-esteem:

How can I pass the test?

What do I need to do to succeed?

Inner Voice

Once you start asking questions from a positive perspective, the subconscious mind will send you solutions through strong intuition.

7. Show empathy

Empathy is not only a deeply human relation, but also a way of intuitive knowing. When we understand what is in the soul of others, when we put ourselves in their "skin" or try to understand them and help them, two extraordinary things happen: we do a good deed and enrich our experience. More experience means better intuition.

8. Be aware of your fears and overcome them.

Fear is the enemy of intuition. When we get scared or panic, we can say goodbye to intuitive decisions.

So don't hide from the things that scare you. It's okay to be afraid, you're not superman. But at the same time, one must go through one's fears, because that is the only way one can deal with them.

Learn to master them and live with your fears without them significantly altering your mood.

9. Relax and isolate yourself for a while

Stop for a moment and isolate yourself for at least 10 minutes each day to be alone, quietly, away from all the hustle and bustle of life.

Focus on your own breathing, try to separate yourself from everything. Let the thoughts come to your mind.

Regular practice of such exercises will help you free your mind from the "noise" of any thoughts.

Later, you'll think more clearly, you'll be more "present" at key moments, and your intuition will work better.

Every person has a certain degree of intuition. The rest can be perfected with a lot of practice. In the process of developing intuition, it helps a lot to be good observers, to pay attention to everything around us and to practice introspection.

10. Meditate

Suppose you have been able to develop your intuition to some degree. You will be able to maintain the results and even surpass them if you meditate regularly. Yoga and meditation will help you enjoy a calm and clear mind as well as a healthy body.

When the accumulation of negative thoughts floods your mind, this connection is broken, making it impossible to convey important messages, possible solutions to your problems. Assume a proper position and close your eyes. Focus on breathing as you inhale and exhale. By doing this daily for at least 10 minutes, your ability to listen to your intuition will grow more and more.

11. Play games

You want to test your intuition and your ability to know. Play multiple choice games. Try to see if you can guess the right one. It sounds basic, but it might go a long way in testing your inner voice and your premonitions.