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Ghostly Balloon Scares the Living Daylights out of Doctors and Patients in Hospital

Ghost Balloon

A balloon, floating all by itself along a hospital hallway in Argentina, has scared the living daylights out of patients and medical personnel. The terrified witnesses were left completely dumbfounded as to how the object could move around without any human involvement and speculated that it was being "carried" by the ghost of a deceased patient.

The video posted online shows the spherical object sitting in one end of the hallway but then start to move forward very quickly and approach 2 hospital staff.

Witnesses were visibly shaken and even terrified by the occurrence but continued to shoot video, wanting to have proof of the unusual event. One of the spectators was even afraid that the balloon was actually following him, explaining that every time he moved in a direction, the balloon changed its own to match his.

"This thing was following me, " the man told his fellow witnesses, who were just as alarmed.

Image: paranormalnews

While they were shooting video of the flying sphere, the hospital staff moved to another room but the stubborn balloon continued to follow. This generated even greater panic among the individuals in the clip, who became fully aware at that point that everything happening to them was no coincidence.

The haunting video has led to controversial comments from internet users. Ghost story fans immediately believed the authenticity of the video but there were also those who were skeptical. The medical staff have stated that they would never joke around with something of this sort.

Some of them have shared that other inexplicable events have also taken place at the hospitable. Some of the patients have said that they've felt strange sensations, despite being completely alone in their room. This has led to speculation that there is a restless spirit of a patient who had died in the past wandering about the hospital.