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A Japanese Technique with Fingers to Calm Yourself

Antonia R.Antonia R.

According to one Japanese technique every person can control their emotions just by holding on to a specific finger of their hand. The Japanese believe that each one of our fingers controls an emotion.

All you have to do if you're scared, angry or worried is to grab on to the fingers responsible for your spiritual discomfort and after the simple exercise, you should have your serenity back.

According to the Japanese technique, the thumb is responsible for worry, the index finger - for fear, the middle finger - for anger, the ring finger - for sadness and the pinky - for strain.

If you feel any of the aforementioned emotions, grab the corresponding finger on one hand (no matter which hand), then on the other.

There is no specified duration for which you must hold the fingers responsible for your emotions. The Japanese technique states that the required time is based on the individual emotional status of each person.

Research by psychologists has shown that we can also use water as an effective method to bring back our peace and calm, reduce stress and tension.


Experiments have proven that even just looking at water can lower the nervous tension we've felt during the day. It has also been proven that people who live near water bodies - natural or artificial, are much calmer and balanced.

Results of a study, in which psychologists made furious and angry people stare at a glass of water for about 5 min, have shown that they then take back control of their emotions.

A quick and easy way of curbing stress is to wash your face with cold water. A cold shower also has a calming effect. If cooler water does not bother you, take a 10 min. cold shower before going to bed and then you will sleep much more peacefully.

Drinking a glass of cold water in small sips is another proven method. Cooling the oral cavity and throat briefly with water decreases body temperature, lowers heart rate and helps you compose yourself while under nervous tension.