The Bell Witch

The Bell Witch

In the early nineteenth century, in the United States appeared one of the most famous ghosts - the wicked witch of Bell. The story began in 1817.

Little Richard, glancing back frightened, told his father, John Bell, a wealthy planter from Tennessee: "Daddy, I walked into a window again."

The father took an axe and went to the court - again trying to catch the scammer, who for several nights scared his son.

But outside was nothing but servants swore that they had seen strangers around. But the strange noises around the house and yard worried John.

Furthermore, children wake up at night because they become cold - someone's invisible hand uncovered them. Another time, a guest stayed overnight, saw suspended in the air the outlines of a human figure.

Bravely – he threw it on the figure, tied the ends of the blanket and went to throw it into the fire. But only a few steps later the house was filled with unbearable stench and guest escaped.

The first apparition, children became victims. Terrifying screams are given sometimes in one, then the other nursery. The ghost pulled hair out of Richard and his sister Betsy. John Bell decided to seek help and advice from his friend James Johnson, who was very brave and had occult knowledge.

James traveled to the home, listening to the noise and tried to speak to the apparition. At one point the ghost spoke. But did so only in the presence of Betsey as if the child gave it its power. As a result the girl got dizzy, even leading to loss of consciousness.

Once a ghost story, that the spirit of an Indian unburied, sometimes introduced himself as Keith Beth - deceased local witch. Finally, the ghost was called the Bell Witch.

The wife of John experienced weakness from the Witch - Lucy. Ghost often does harm. Body blow to the parents of the children and beat their guests, uttering harsh words.

Bell Witch is one example of mysterious phenomena, whose reality is proven by numerous testimonies over the years. It is probably a classic example of a poltergeist.



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20.01.2013 05:31
This is the absolute worst rendition of the "Bell Witch" I've ever read. Aside from the year 1817 and John Bell, every single word, name, and event is completely wrong. Please do some research and get it right next time, or provide links to some credible sources.