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The meanings of birthmarks

The meanings of birthmarks

Scars tell stories. They are what is left of the mistakes we made. They are what reminds us of places we've been and people we know. They also tell us that we can deal with what challenges lie before us.

Many people are worried about scars from a cosmetic point of view because they feel ugly, but they can also have a direct and dramatic impact on health because they can affect the energy flow in the body, causing permanent damage.

People can be identified by many things. You may know someone based on their name, hair color or even the way they dress. But there is another way that we can identify individuals, and you probably never thought about it - birthmarks.

According to some beliefs, birthmarks occur due to fright, or the strong desire of the pregnant woman for a certain food or because she secretly stole something. If you are pregnant and love eating strawberries for example, are too emotional, it is likely that the child will be born with a scar the shape of a strawberry, somewhere on its body. If you are frightened of something and then touched on the body, the child will be born with a scar in the same place.

Birthmarks are all with a different shape, color, size and location. If you have such spots that are more white and they are on your neck, they portend poverty or theft, on the waist - unhappy marriage, breast-curses, hands and feet- less profits from frauds. It is believed that white spots are carriers of dark forces.

In the past, people with birthmarks were burned at the stake because they were believed to be witches or heretics. Science has another plausible explanation for the appearance of birthmarks, which is that they are due to problems with melanocytes, but you can decide what to believe.