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Returned from HellReturned from Hell
30 Nov.
A few hours later they noticed that the belly of the whale made strange convulsive movements. They cut his stomach and froze in shock: in the stomach lay James....
Ghosts appear in the White HouseGhosts appear in the White House
03 Mar.
Spirits from previous inhabitants attacked the White House, announced on the eve of Halloween a popular us newspaper....
Scientists Created a Model of HellScientists Created a Model of Hell
23 Oct.
A traditional view of Hell comes from the Old Testament....
Nigerian Pastor comes back from HellNigerian Pastor comes back from Hell
12 Sept.
Two angels accompanied him to the sky then descended into the Hell. In hell the Pastor heard the experiences of the sinners desperation....
Dreams of Hell and the AbyssDreams of Hell and the Abyss
31 Oct.
Don't worry though, if you dream of Hell, this means you can expect successes and a peaceful life ahead....
Where in the World is Hell Cold?Where in the World is Hell Cold?
08 Oct.
Here are a few examples: For the Scandinavians, Eskimos, Yakuts and inhabitants of northern Siberia and Kamtschatka, Hell is cold. For the majority of Southern peoples, Hell is thought to be a burning inferno....
Clean up Your House to Clear Bad EnergiesClean up Your House to Clear Bad Energies
30 Apr.
And just because they accumulate, negative energy that throughout the house....
The Death Houses in IndonesiaThe Death Houses in Indonesia
11 Jan.
According to legends, the first such house was built by the deity Puang Matua....
Hello, from the afterlifeHello, from the afterlife
01 Dec.
There are many known cases where people have died and remind their families through phone calls of themselves from the afterlife. In March 1960 the writer Ronald Byrne moved to Rome after his wife died. One morning the...
At Devil`s Bath you Can Smell Hell ItselfAt Devil`s Bath you Can Smell Hell Itself
04 May
Devil's Bath is a place shrouded in intriguing legends but it is one not everyone can visit, for the stink it produces will take you to Hell itself. And that is the origin of the lake's name - Devil's Bath....
The number of your house or what lies behind itThe number of your house or what lies behind it
29 Nov.
Number 9: This house holds inhabitants such as priests, sailors and musicians. The rooms look like the Bermuda Triangle meaning everything in them makes no sense....
Yellow candles help with loveYellow candles help with love
06 Jan.
Candles are good helpers that help not only to adorn the interior of the house, but also clear the house of negative energy. They remove the bad energy that is stagnant in the corners and inaccessible places....
The 4 Gates to Hell and Where to Find themThe 4 Gates to Hell and Where to Find them
12 Dec.
The Door to Hell (Turkmenistan) The closest match to the conventional image of a gate to hell is the Door to Hell in Turkmenistan....
In Which Circle of Hell will Each Zodiac Sign Burn?In Which Circle of Hell will Each Zodiac Sign Burn?
04 Oct.
Their gluttony is their greatest weakness, which will lead them straight to Hell....
The Most Haunted Houses Around the WorldThe Most Haunted Houses Around the World
11 Dec.
Most frequently seen was the ghost of president Abraham Lincoln, who appeared to be particularly active during FDR's term and tried to help Roosevelt in the nation's affairs....