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The number of your house or what lies behind it

The number of your house or what lies behind it

Numerology: Believe it or not, but the number of your home has a hidden meaning. To calculate your personal number of your home you need a simple calculation. For example, if you live in № 133, add 1 +3 +3 giving the total of 7.

Number 1: These homes have a creative and vibrant energy of its residents. They allow a person to be different and to attract the attention of others. It most often holds inhabitants such as painters, poets, writers, journalists and artists.

Number 2: These homes are inhabited by people who work with young children or in public services. They are intuitive and contemplative, they can also be musicians.

Number 3: These homes hold willed and determined residents. Red colors appear to be predominate. Most active energy and places are the bathroom and the hallway.

Number 4: Contact and communicative residents. These homes are like dispatching units. Their inhabitants constantly communicate by phone. Most favorable color is blue and yellow.

Number 5: This house is pretty and predominantly purple. Ornaments are often of bronze objects and especially come from other destinations. Residents are known to have libraries.

Number 6: This hose holds hospitable, nagging or brawlers of people. The colors are very warm. The interiors of these houses are dominated by large and soft sofas and flowers. Often there is other inhabitants of cats and dogs.

Number 7: These homes are always shaking from turbulence and restrictions. However all is not that bad! The predominant color is dark blue.

Number 8: House of astrologers and clairvoyants. Its inhabitants are always surrounded by friends. The blue sky color takes over the interior. However in this number there holds are warning to beware of appliances.

Number 9: This house holds inhabitants such as priests, sailors and musicians. The rooms look like the Bermuda Triangle meaning everything in them makes no sense.



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Comments (3)

Snake me
Snake me
25.12.2012 10:24
You add it again if you got a number higher than 9 eg. 799 = 7+9+9= 25 = 2+5= 7
Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds
14.11.2012 00:34
What a stupid piece of crap this is. Do you think the whole country only has 3 digits in their home number? Idiotic blather like this makes me wish the internet was never invented.
Tim S
Tim S
20.03.2012 21:04
OKay but what if you live in a house numbered 799 or 1634?