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Clean up Your House to Clear Bad Energies

Nina NordNina Nord

People always seek harmony. It is important to achieve harmony with your own home and the environment. It is possible that depression and stress are associated with improper disposal within the area of energy.

If you feel that you do not succeed, you can just fall into depression, but you can change something and start with your own home.

Many people can not remodel the home mainly because it is too small. When a person is faced with this, he completely goes off making any reforms.

One of the rules for the proper distribution of energy in the home is to keep it clean. It is necessary for the free flow of positive energies.


As a kick start, begin with a thorough cleaning of your home. Loosen every nook and corner of the house. Check all cabinets and drawers.

It was there that a lot of things that are generally not used accumulate. And just because they accumulate, negative energy that throughout the house.

Discard all broken and cracked things, as well as old broken washing machines and microwaves, which you don’t use, but put off repairing them.

Give clothes you have not worn for more than one year away. General house cleaning should start with the outgoing moon, while sweeping trash into the kitchen, not out the front door.

If you are sweeping rubbish to the outside door, you sweep your luck and prosperity away. Once you discard all unnecessary energy, it will make cleaning your home easier.

This can be achieved with candles, scented sticks or holy water. Go clockwise and stop at every corner.

Then bathe because while you cleaned your home from negative energy, it has accumulated on you. It is best to take a bath with cold water, it washes away all the negatives.