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Palmistry - Meaning of the Line of Reasoning


The line of reasoning (also called the line of the head) is one of the largest lines of the hand. It begins from the edge of the palm (under the index finger) and extends along the palm to its outer edge. Often, the line of reasoning and the line of life have the same starting point.

The line is a representation of human mentality and the way it functions, including learning style, communication style, intellect and curiosity. It is a sign of preferred analytical approaches when it comes to information. Also, it is an indicator of the well-being of the person.

- The line of reasoning, which starts from Jupiter indicates a person with huge mental capabilities, ambition and power.

- The line of reasoning, which commences from the line of life represents people who are cautious and exceptionally sensitive.

- The line of reasoning, which begins from the inner side of the line of life - from the Mount of Mars, is an unfavorable sign, it shows a worrisome and unsettled nature and a conflicting character.

- A straight and bold line of reasoning portrays a practical and strong mentality and a greater love for material things, as opposed to spiritual ones.

- Whenever it is straight in the first half, and is then slightly inclined, it reveals a balance between the purely spiritual and purely pragmatic.

- A slanting line of reasoning is an expression of romance, idealism, a rich imagination and a bohemian lifestyle.

- If it is very long and straight, the line indicates a personality with exceptional intellectual ability and an egotistical character.

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