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Palmistry - Meaning of the Line of Fate


The line of fate is situated from the wrist toward the center of the palm and is one of the secondary lines of the hand. It is connected to the life path of a person, which includes school, career, successes and obstacles. It also portrays the circumstances, which are outside one's control, as well as the choices they make and their consequences.

- If the line of fate starts from the line of life and is boldly expressed, success and wealth will be achieved by personal efforts; if it is clear and low, near the wrist and is connected with the line of life, this means that the first part of the person's life will be given to the fulfilment of the wishes of the parents or relatives.

- A line of fate, which begins from the wrist and progresses straight and clear until it reaches Saturn, shows strong individuality. This is a sign of exceptionally good fate and success.

- A line of fate starting from the Mount of the Moon (Luna), indicates uncertainty in one's fortunes; fate and success will depend more or less on the wishes and vagaries of others. This often happens to famous people, which are loved by the public.

- If the line of fate commences from the line of reasoning and is expressed well, success will come later in life, after persistent efforts.

- If the line of fate is interrupted where it crosses its own mount and then advances toward that of Jupiter, the fortunes will be great and will give immense satisfaction.

- Whenever the line is broken in general, it is a sure sign of misery and loss.

- A double line of fate indicates a distinguished career.

- Whenever the line splits and one end leads toward the base of the Mount of the Moon, while the other towards Venus, the fate of this person will hang in the balance between imagination on one side and love and passion on the other.

- If the line of fate splits and the divergences lead toward one of the mounts, excluding the Mount of Saturn, this means that the characteristics of that specific mount will dominate the person's life.

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