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In Which Circle of Hell will Each Zodiac Sign Burn?

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Because each of the 12 zodiac signs has a specific character trait which leads it to huge sins, they can easily fall into one of the 9 circles of Hell, if they don't make some changes right away.

Aries - Fifth Circle (Wrath)

Because they easily explode and don't think before they act or speak, when they're upset, Aries can expect to find themselves in the 5th Circle of Hell, intended for the wrathful. No matter how energetic they are, and how brilliant their ideas, Aries aren't in for a happy afterlife if they don't quell their rage. If they don't, they'll spend eternity in the murky waters of the river Styx.

Taurus - Third Circle (Gluttony)

A true Taurus would never turn down something tasty to eat, even if he's just finished his breakfast, lunch or dinner. Their gluttony is their greatest weakness, which will lead them straight to Hell. In the 3rd Circle, the insatiable crawl in a sticky mud, while icy rain pours down on them and the three-headed beast known as Cerberus keeps pushing them back in the muck.

Gemini - Eighth Circle (Fraud), Bolgia 3, Simoniacs


Geminis' tendency to constantly lie will lead them straight to the 3rd Bolgia of the 8th Circle, where all who have committed Simony suffer. Alongside all those who have trafficked in holy objects and indulgences, Geminis will pay for their sins because they have often taken advantage of the trust and naiveness of others for their own benefit.

Cancer - Eighth Circle (Fraud), Bolgia 9, Sowers of Discord

Cancers' punishment is a demon who hacks their bodies in twain, after which they are healed and mended, only to be chopped up again. Cancers will find themselves in Hell due to their constant dissatisfaction toward others' behavior and the fact that they're always looking for someone to blame for everything bad that's happening to them. They sow the seeds of discord on Earth and will be judged in the afterlife.

Leo - Seventh Circle (Violence), Ring 3: Blasphemers Against God


If Leos don't stop thinking about the Gods, they will in essence sin against the all-powerful, and find the 7th Circle of Hell waiting for them, where demons will shoot fiery arrows at them, while protected by a minotaur. The haughtiness of Leos will cost them dearly in the afterlife if they don't repent and start thinking more about others, instead of themselves alone.

Virgo - Fourth Circle (Greed)

Virgos will be forced to burn in Hell with all the other hoarders and spendthrifts, as they lack the right attitude toward money. Their punishment will be to push great weights with their chest and exchange horrible curses. Considering Virgos' inborn intelligence and their strict attitude toward physical health, this will be extreme torment for them.

Libra - Eighth Circle (Fraud), Bolgia 6, Hypocrites

Libras try to get everyone to like them, not caring about the fact that in their efforts to please everyone they become hypocrites and then no one actually likes them, since they don't uphold their opinion. The 8th Circle of Hell waits for them, where they'll have to wear heavy clothes made of lead, along with all the people who tortured Christian saints.

Scorpio - Second Circle (Lust)

Lustful Scorpios will pay for all their sins in the 2nd Circle of Hell, where they'll spin around in a hurricane of stones. They'll never find peace because they are unable to control their passion and primal desires, while the storms of the afterlife will punish them for only satisfying their desires of the flesh.

Sagittarius - Eighth Circle (Fraud), Bolgia 5, Barrators

Sagittarii are to spend eternity in a river of boiling pitch for selling their big ideas for material gains. They had not pursued spiritual advancements, which was their mission on Earth, instead giving in to insignificant earthly desires, and as such are to suffer their punishment in bitter loneliness.

Capricorn - Sixth Circle (Heresy)

Capricorn believes in no one but himself and as such is doomed to burn in the 6th Circle of Hell along with other heretics, Epicureanists and the godless. Their punishment is to burn in the fires of Hell while demons hit them with whips.

Aquarius - Ninth Circle (Treachery)


Aquarians are to go directly to the last Circle of Hell, where they'll share in the torment of Judas, Brutus and Cassius, who betrayed those closest to them. Aquarians who have committed treachery toward their relatives or friends will be kept close to Lucifer, while demons rip their lips apart and submerge them in the waters of lake Cocytus.

Pisces - Fifth Circle (Wrath)

Having spent an entire life of laziness, Pisces are awaited in the 5th Circle of Hell, where they are to swim in the mud of the river Styx, without being able to draw breath. Pisces will spend an eternity underwater if they don't get off the bed and learn some hard work and purpose.